Consulting Experts in UI, Architecture, Project Management and DevOps

Why work with us?

We’re different from agencies because...
  • 1. We cut to the chase [none of that fluff].
  • 2. We have your entire lifecycle in mind.
  • 3. You always work with experts.
Most firms specialize in just product or just DevOps. And in both cases this only gets you half-way. You’re left needing to find new vendors and piecemeal solutions together. We specialize in both sides: your product itself AND the infrastructure you run it on.

I work with Experts. Really?

Yep, that's how we roll. During our careers, we've been frustrated by not getting the expert the first time. And as our client, you've usually asked for the expert too. So that's what we give you. That means that you'll work with one of our specialized Principals (founders and thought-leaders) from the get-go.
So, simply stated, when you work with Sidkik, you work with experts.

What do you believe in?

Transparency and fostering your idea is at the heart of everything we do. We are technologists and product developers, which has meant that our entire careers have been based on getting ideas thought-through, developed, put into production, and operationalized. Our experience lends us to help small and pivoting companies really well so that you can learn from our experience. So what do we really believe in? It's keeping you from having to struggle.
We love small companies and the genius they create. So when we say that "Sidkik provides the space that allows amazing people to do amazing things", we really mean it. We want to help you with the things you might not be expert at, so that you can be expert at the things that will change the world.

What else?

We're creatives and technologists and entrepreneurs. We've been there.
Right. Where. You. Are. Now.
We want to help... for real. We want to dig in and be part of your conversation.

Get in touch with us.